Phil Wickham ~ Manger Throne[Mp3 Review & Lyrics]

Manger Throne by Phil Wickham: Song Review

Phil Wickham is one of the most popular and influential contemporary Christian artists of our time. His songs are known for their uplifting melodies, powerful lyrics, and heartfelt worship. His latest single, Manger Throne, is no exception. Released on October 13, 2023, the song is a beautiful reminder of the humble and glorious birth of Jesus Christ, the King who reigns from a manger throne.

The song begins with a striking contrast between the majesty and meekness of Jesus. Wickham sings, "You could have stepped into creation / With fire for all to see / Brought every tribe and nation to their knees / Arriving with the host of Heaven / In royal robe and crown / The rulers of the earth all bowing down". He then reveals the amazing truth that Jesus chose to come to earth as a baby, wrapped in human flesh, born in a lowly stable. He sings, "But You chose meekness over majesty / Wrapped Your power in humanity".

The chorus is a declaration of praise and surrender to Jesus, the King who reigns from a manger throne. Wickham sings, "Glory be to You alone / King who reigns from a manger throne / My life, my praise, everything I own / To Jesus the King on a manger throne". The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along, inviting the listeners to join in the worship.

The second verse continues the story of Jesus' life on earth, from His ministry to His death and resurrection. Wickham sings, "You could have marched in all Your glory / Into the heart of Rome / Showed them splendor like they'd never known / But You wrote a better story / In humble Bethlehem / Creator in the arms of common men / You will die for our redemption / And You'll rise so we can live".

The bridge is a summary of the gospel message, from the incarnation to the crucifixion to the victory over death. Wickham sings, "From Heaven to the cradle / From cradle to the cross / Let Heaven and nature sing / This is our King / But the grave couldn't hold Him / Our God has overcome / Let Heaven and nature sing / This is our King". The bridge builds up to a climactic moment where Wickham repeats "All hail the King" four times, followed by the chorus.

The song ends with a tag that echoes the chorus, emphasizing the commitment and devotion to Jesus, the King on a manger throne. Wickham sings, "My life, my praise, everything I own / To Jesus the King on a manger throne / To Jesus the King on a manger throne".

Manger Throne is a song that celebrates the wonder and mystery of God's love for us. It reminds us that Jesus is not only our Savior, but also our Lord and King. It challenges us to live for Him and give Him everything we have. It inspires us to worship Him with all our hearts and join in the chorus of Heaven and nature.


Artist: Phil Wickham

Song: Manger Throne

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