Kim Walker Smith ~ My King Forever[Mp3 Review & Lyrics]

Jesus as the King in Christian Faith:

In Christian theology, Jesus Christ is often referred to as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This title signifies his sovereignty and supreme authority over all creation, both in the present age and in the age to come.

Messiah and Savior: According to Christian belief, Jesus is not just an earthly king but the promised Messiah and Savior. He is seen as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, sent by God to redeem humanity from sin and reconcile them with God.

Eternal Kingship: The concept of Jesus being the King Forever is deeply rooted in the idea of his eternal kingship. Christians believe that Jesus, being the Son of God, has no beginning or end. He reigns not only in the temporal world but also in the heavenly realm for all eternity.

The Second Coming: Christians anticipate the return of Jesus, often referred to as the Second Coming. This event is believed to mark the culmination of history, where Jesus will return in glory and establish his eternal kingdom. At this time, his kingship will be fully realized, and he will rule as King Forever.


Artist: Kim Walker Smith

Song: My King Forever

Universal Reign: According to Christian doctrine, Jesus' kingship is not limited to a specific nation or group of people. He is the King of all creation, and his authority extends to every corner of the universe. This universal reign reflects his divine nature.

Salvation and Eternal Life

Christianity teaches that belief in Jesus as the King Forever is central to salvation and the attainment of eternal life. It is through faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior that individuals can have forgiveness of sins and the hope of living eternally in his presence.

In summary, the concept that "Jesus is the King Forever" in Christian faith emphasizes his eternal kingship, universal authority, and role as the Savior of humanity. Believers look forward to the fulfillment of this belief in the Second Coming when Jesus' reign will be fully established, bringing about a new heaven and a new earth in which he rules eternally.

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